Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

I cannot offer refunds on Memorial art because it is custom made, but if there is a problem with your finished product I will do my best to make sure you are satisfied.  I can offer a remake at a reduced price. Please keep in mind that all ash behaves differently and your piece might look slightly different from the examples shown, this is not a flaw, it is the unique personality of the person or pet being memorialized.

What happens if my memorial art arrives broken?

I take great care in packaging my art. However, if this ever does happen, take pictures of the damage to the box and the Memorial art and contact me.  Your piece will be remade without a waiting period and a claim will be filed with the post office, so save the packaging in case they want to pick it up.


How do I package the cremains to send to you?

 Upon placing an order a cremains collection kit will be mailed to you. This includes instructions and supplies necessary to collect and mail the ashes to me to create your memorial art. If you need your memorial art by a specific date and don't want to wait for the collection kit, you can package it yourself to save time. Contact me for help with packaging it properly and I will gladly walk you through the process. 

If you are uncomfortable collecting the ashes yourself, a friend, family member, or funeral home might be willing to collect them for you. If you are near Eugene, Oregon, I am happy to help you with this process. Please contact me to set up an appointment.

How will I know when my ashes have arrived?

USPS Priority Express provides tracking and proof of delivery. In addition, I will contact you the day your package arrives to let you know it is safe and sound with me.

Can I have memorial art shipped to multiple locations?

Yes, contact me to discuss this when you order. Memorial art is often purchased as gifts and I am glad to send it where it needs to go. You will need to pay separate shipping charges for each package.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Please contact me prior to ordering to discuss shipping charges. 

I've decided to have you create memorial art for me, where do I mail my package?

If you are ready to mail your cremains to be made into memorial art, please mail them to the address below. Make sure to print your order and label your cremains. Please use USPS Priority Express which includes insurance, tracking and has proven to be the most reliable service, as well as being the only legal method for mailing cremains.

Eugene Rain
PO Box 40203
Eugene, Or