Scatter Hearts, Leaves and Drop Sets

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These tiny memorials hold the cremains of your loved one. Taking ashes to various places is a wonderful way to honor someone who has passed, but can be difficult and messy. Scatter hearts, leaves and drop sets are a perfect item to leave behind in a special place without the fuss. Bury one under a tree, throw one in the ocean, float one down the river on a leaf, place one high up a mountain top or carry them around with you. Wherever you want to take your loved one, scatter designs can go.

Scatter designs are also perfect for large families and groups of friends who want to give a memorial to everyone while keeping it affordable to do so. 

These designs are made in single color sets of 10 or more. For example, if you choose to have blue hearts made you will receive at least 10, but you may receive more.  Cremains are unique in their own way and they sometimes behave differently. Some ash may require more clear on top to keep it from coming to the surface, which will add more glass to the design. So, I let the personality of the ash determine the size of the cane I make the scatter designs from and this is why some sets will be larger than 10 items. 

Each set of 10 or more comes in a black velvet bag for easy portability and safe keeping. Sizes vary in each set, ranging from smaller than a dime and up to the size of a quarter. 

If you want various colors, order multiple sets. To help keep this affordable, multiple sets qualify for family discount pricing. The shopping cart will adjust the price as you add more sets.

  • 1 set of 10 or more - $150 each
  • 2-4 sets - $145 each
  • 5-7 sets - $140 each
  • 8-10 sets - $135 each
  • 11+ sets - $130 each