Below are frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact me with any additional questions you might have, or if you want to discuss a custom idea. I'll get back to you shortly. 



What is memorial glass art?

Memorial glass art contains the cremains, hair or fur of a beloved person or pet that someone wishes to memorialize with glass art. It is an honor to bring joy to people in a time of loss. When you hold these art pieces in your hand it creates a strong connection, feelings of joy, and can be very healing. 

Memorial art is my most personal and valued body of work, and I feel very blessed to have the skills necessary to offer this service to others. Your loved one's cremains will be treated as sacred and with as much love, respect and consideration as I give my own family, friends and pets. Cremains are a sacred artifact of life and I take special care to delicately encase the ash into an heirloom quality piece of glass art for you to cherish for years to come.

Are these handmade?

Yes, all my designs are handmade by me, this makes each piece unique. The pictures you see are examples and your custom art will be similar to the design you choose, but will not be exactly the same as the one you saw online. 

Why are the sizes of the designs approximate?

Size will not vary by much, but because cremains are unique in their own way they sometimes behave differently. Some ash may need more clear on top to keep it from coming to the surface. So, instead of taking glass off to make the size match perfectly, which would also remove ash, I let the personality of the ash determine the size of the piece. If you are more concerned with the size being specific than ash being removed, let me know. 

I noticed you have paw print designs, can these be made with human cremains?

Yes! All of my designs are compatible with human or pet cremains. This is not limited to the most common pets like cats and dogs, any cremains can be infused into glass. I have done many different species including bearded dragons, birds, horses, and even beloved fish. Memorial art is for anyone!

Do you do memorial art with hair or fur?

Absolutely! Hair and fur encasements look quite different than ash and are beautiful in their own way. I mostly work with cremains, so this FAQ will only mention hair and fur here, but any design can be made with hair or fur. The only other difference to mention is that the post office allows you to send hair or fur with any service, while cremains can only be sent with priority express.

Can you encase something not mentioned here?

Maybe, maybe not. Borosilicate glass is heated to extreme temperatures and most material cannot survive this process. If you want something encased that is not mentioned here, please contact me to discuss the possibility.

What colors are available for memorial art?

I have an extensive palette of color available at all times that can be used to compliment ash encasements.  Ash shows up white in the glass, therefore using lighter colors will create a more subtle look. Using darker and more opaque colors will make the ash stand out more. I am not limited to the colors in the chart below and can make custom colors upon request. For example, if you want me to match your dog's fur I can create a color just for you that is as close as possible. 

I also have blacklight reactive colors available upon request. 

Occasionally ash can appear black in glass. This is very rare, but if it happens I will contact you to discuss color options. 

Keep in mind computer monitors and screens vary and colors may appear different on your screen than they do in hand.


Do you do custom designs?

Yes! I am one of the few glass artists that will do custom designs. If you have a request contact me to discuss it. I have many designs that are not on the website and possess a variety of skills that I can utilise to create your idea. If for some reason I cannot accommodate you, I know other trusted artists I can refer you to.

I saw your art somewhere else in a design I don't see here, can you make it in a memorial version?

Yes! Show me what you are interested in and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

How much ash is required to make a memorial piece?

It takes very little ash to create glass memorials. I ask that you send 1/4 tsp per memorial that you would like created. If your custom design requires more that 1/4 teaspoon I will let you know before you send ash.

What happens if there are cremains left over after creating my art?

I will typically use all the ash to create your memorial, but if there are any cremains left I will gladly return them to you. The shipping charge for this is $25 as the post office requires it be returned Priority Express. This is not included in the order price as it is typically not needed. 

I also offer the option of storing or scattering the cremains. I can store them in the event you would like to have additional memorial pieces created at a future time. If you choose to have them scattered, I have a few beautiful choices including the coast, the Rose Gardens, the river or forest. If you want them scattered somewhere specific in the Eugene, OR area contact me to chat about it, I will do my best to accommodate your request.

Can you combine more than one pet/person into a memorial piece?

Yes! Just combine the cremains that you would like encased into your art before you send them.

Can the cremains be removed from the glass?

No, they are permanently infused with the glass. Even if you break the glass you will not be able to remove the cremains. 

How can I be sure the ashes I send to you are the ashes used in the glass art I receive?

I take great care in labeling and keeping track of everything that comes into my shop. I am the only one that will handle the ashes during any part of this process, and I take great pride in this process. 

Anything that comes into contact with ash is cleaned between use so there is no chance of cross contamination with any other clients' cremains. I hold myself to the highest standards so everything is kept separately and labeled at each step in the process.   

I wear memorial art of my loved ones every day and have personal experience with how emotional this whole process is. I offer this service to others because of the great joy and comfort it has brought to me and my family. I approach every piece with the same care and consideration as I would if they were my own loved ones.

How do I package the cremains to send to you?

Upon placing an order a cremains collection kit will be mailed to you. This includes instructions and supplies necessary to collect and mail the ashes to me to create your memorial art. If you need your memorial art by a specific date and don't want to wait for the collection kit, you can package it yourself to save time. Contact me for help with packaging it properly and I will gladly walk you through the process. 

If you are uncomfortable collecting the ashes yourself, a friend, family member, or funeral home might be willing to collect them for you. If you are near Eugene, Oregon, I am happy to help you with this process. Please contact me to set up an appointment.

How will I know when my ashes have arrived?

USPS Priority Express provides tracking and proof of delivery. In addition, I will contact you the day your package arrives to let you know it is safe and sound with me.

Can I have memorial art shipped to multiple locations?

Yes, contact me to discuss this when you order. Memorial art is often purchased as gifts and I am glad to send it where it needs to go. You will need to pay separate shipping charges for each package.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely! Please contact me prior to ordering to discuss shipping charges. 

Who will be making my memorial art?

I am the only artist that will handle the ash and create your pieces. I have been blowing glass since 1995, and consider memorial art my most important work. Creating these special pieces gives me a real purpose behind the torch, and I feel very blessed to be able to offer this service to others. It has brought my family and I great joy and comfort to have these pieces to wear, hold, and keep our loved ones close in a special and unique way. I will treat and care for your loved ones' ashes in the same way I care for my own families';  with sincere love and consideration.

Can you write my loved ones' name and dates on the memorial art?

Yes! I offer this free of charge for designs with solid color backings. I use ti-pen which leaves a permanent metal deposit on the glass, but doesn't scratch or damage the glass in any way. Please let me know what you'd like written on your memorial art. For example, your loved ones initials or first name, date or a short phrase that captures the essence of your loves one. The shorter the inscription, the more clear the handwriting will be. 


I have a religious or spiritual value I would like honored while you create my memorial art, can you do this? 

Absolutely! To the best of my ability I will accommodate any special requests. This process is sacred and emotional, I want it to be the most positive experience that I can offer. Contact me to discuss your concerns.

How long does it take for me to receive the glass once it's ordered?

Normally it takes about 2 weeks for you to receive your memorial art once I have your collection kit in hand. If for some reason it takes longer than expected, I will contact you with the details and an expected time of arrival.

Is it possible to get my order rushed? I need it for a special occasion.

Yes! I will do my best to accommodate you. Please contact me to chat about your situation and I'll see what I can do.

I've decided to have you create memorial art for me, where do I mail my package?

Your collection kit will come with shipping supplies and instructions, but if you are local or do not want to wait for a kit to be mailed to you, let me know  and I can help walk you through how to  package it properly.

Please use USPS Priority Express which includes insurance, tracking and has proven to be the most reliable service, as well as being the only legal method for mailing cremains.

Eugene Rain
PO Box 40203
Eugene, Or

My art isn't exactly what I pictured, can I get a refund?

I cannot offer refunds on Memorial art because it is custom made, but if there is a problem with your finished product I will do my best to make sure you are satisfied.  I can offer a remake at a reduced price. Please keep in mind that all ash behaves differently and your piece might look slightly different from the examples shown, this is not a flaw, it is the unique personality of the person or pet being memorialized.

What happens if my memorial art arrives broken?

I take great care in packaging my art. However, if this ever does happen, take pictures of the damage to the box and the Memorial art and contact me.  Your piece will be remade without a waiting period and a claim will be filed with the post office, so save the packaging in case they want to pick it up.

What happens if I drop my art and it breaks?

Don’t panic! I use scientific grade borosilicate glass so this is unlikely, but glass is glass and accidents can happen. I have had people drop pendants breaking the loop and even chipping the surface or edge. In most cases it can be repaired and you will not be able to tell it was ever broken.  However, if it misbehaves during the mending process your piece will be reshaped to preserve the cremains of your loved one and retain the integrity of the memorial. There is always a risk when reheating ash that has been infused into the glass, on rare occasions it might not survive the process, but rest assured I will do my best to preserve. If this happens I will offer a remake at a reduced price.

Here is an example of a pretty bad break, and the original piece before it was dropped.


I have a question that isn't answered here.

Please contact me to discuss anything you'd like to know. I am happy to answer any questions and discuss ideas you might have for customs.


Thank you for allowing me to assist in memorializing your loved one. I hope my memorial art brings you joy for many years. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like any further information.

Owner and artist